Happy Early Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope you’re looking forward to a day shared with family, friends, and those who are close to you. Thanksgiving is known as a holiday when you cranberry yourself in food. When you’d be a turkey not to eat as much as you can. When you eat as much as you can until you’re ex-sauce-ted.

 Alright, I’ll stop with the terrible puns, even though I was on a roll! But in all sincerity…

Yesterday for my Health in a Hand Basket Segment on Good Day Rochester by 13 WHAM News I talked about our Topic of the Week:
Healthy Dinner Side Dishes for Thanksgiving & Beyond! _________________________
All month long we have been talking about how November is American Diabetes Month and all of the fantastic recipes you can make courtesy of the American Diabetes Association. Check out some of their fantastic breakfast recipes here .  On November 14th we  recognized World Diabetes Day