Five potential risks of canned food

Canned food is definitely useful to the busy lives but few people perceive that canned food hides a variety of potential risks that are unhealthy for the body and welfare. The restriction of time brings about the rapid solution of processed and canned food for many people. Meanwhile, this is not a really safe measure because of its risks for health.

1. BPA poisoning

Substance “Bisphenol”, also known as BPA is almost contained in canned food. Most canned products will be covered with a layer of plastic inside to preserve food and this contains BPA. Although this plastic layer helps food keep freshness, however, it is extremely dangerous to health. BPA causes many serious problems such as neurological disorder, sterility, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity and other fatal diseases. BPA is also comprised more in food like canned tomatoes because it not only makes an increase of acidity but also more poisons food.

2. Canned meat relating to cancer

According to study by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC), processed and tinned types of meat directly relate to cancer. The best way for consumers is to stay away from all processed kinds of meat because of their unsafe ingredients.

3. Canned food contains preservatives.

Unfortunately, digesting canned food means that you absorb simultaneously a plenty of preservatives. Even though consumers read the labels carefully, it’s still challenging for them to distinguish which substance is harmful. Tinned food is often processed with salt content in high for preservation. The preservatives can do harm to seniors or kids, or those who have already got disease.

4. Metal Poisoning.

The boxes used to contain soup, tomato and even beer are the potential risks of aluminum poisoning. The majority of foods are tinned in aluminum bottles then cooked to ensure freshness. But aluminum will easily dissolve into food during this process. Some people may argue that the plastic layer inside would prevent the melt of aluminum. Whereas, the truth is that it helps the original metal liberate when being heated and canned.

5. Inferior products.

It is admitted that the tinned products are not nutritious when they are canned in boxes then sold one to two years later. If you search for high-qualitative food, keep in mind to always stay away from canned foods, choose fresh food instead.