Should we use air purifiers in infant’s room?

Air Purifier for baby

Air cleaners can be used in infant room but need to use in the right kind and the right way to prevent children from respiratory diseases.

Harmful effects of air pollution on health newborn

In the course of pregnancy, the child is covered by the mother’s body. After birth, especially in the first months, the baby’s body will be very sensitive. A weakened immune system, the sensitive body organs, and when they are in direct contact with the outside world, if parents do not pay attention, the child will probably be infected.

Researchers in 14 areas in 9 countries – including South Korea and Canada – to collect data on the concentration of microscopic dust particles in the atmosphere and level of exposure to dirty air of pregnant women. Most tiny dust is raised from the fumes of motor vehicles and factories.

There is a group of data analysts during pregnancy and childbirth by three million women in 14 regions. With the amount of three million cases, this study is the largest scale of the relationship between infant weight and atmospheric pollution, LiveScience reported.

The analytical results show that, if the concentration of microscopic particulates is increased by 10 micrograms per m3 air, infant weight will be decreased 8.9 grams and the risk of low weight birth is increased by 3%.

These babies have lower weight than standards (prescribed under condition of people each country) face the risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory and a behavioral disorder which is higher than the others.

That study increased their beliefs about the impact of dirty air on weight babies, Tracey Woodruff, an expert on reproductive health of the University of California in the US and is a member of the group research, said that.

A study spent 5 years to focus on the evolution of the 249 children living in two areas heavily contaminated as Harlem and the Bronx in New York City, USA. The results showed that the environmental pollutants such as aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – generated during coal combustion, diesel and gas, had caused significant impact to the child’s IQ, according to which the children exposed to high levels of pollutants above had lower IQs of about 4.31 to 4.67 points as compared with other children.

Center Director and Chair of the Columbia study on Frederica Perera said the study results were very worrying because IQ was an important indicator assesses the maturity of the child while in the field, in nature when PAHs appeared widespread in urban areas and around the world.

How to protect children from air pollution

  • Using air purifiers
  • Growing bonsai indoor as the natural air filters
  • Strengthening the immune system for infants
  • Avoid crowded and pollution places

Air purifiers for baby room

Air-cleaning machine will help your baby avoid respiratory diseases due to contaminated air or diseases harmful dusts.

Air Purifier for baby

Special air purifier gives the baby a clean living space, clean and safe. Parents have peace of mind when your baby is protected from germs and bacteria in the air thanks to a very unique filter and utilities. Air purifiers designed for baby rooms are compact and exquisite. Front filter of air into the vacuum cleaner filter inside the dust, animal fur, the fungi in the air. The air is filtered through this purifier ensures safe, healthy and good for the health of the baby. This air purifier can filter out nuisance odors for children. Baby will avoid allergic diseases, respiratory quite common when next summer.

The notes when using room air purifiers in baby room

After you have selected for your family suitable air purifiers, you need to know how to use and store the machine to get the best air filter , the most economical air purifier functions of the machine as well as to avoid the adverse effects of the equipment for infant health

Choosing the right filter

Recently, people use many devices generating ozone for disinfection at home. However, the scientists of the Institute of Environmental Health warning: too much ozone can damage the lungs, causing coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath and throat irritation.

For infants, parents should use air purifier suit sensitive respiratory system and weakness of the child, it is best that you consult with other parents who have experienced or have specialized consultants.

Where to place the device


Air Purifiers items should be located 1 meter and 90 cm from the wall to avoid tarnishing the wall or can make the material quickly peeling wallpaper, broken. If you have an air purifier added the function of humidification, humidifier functions create mist can damage electrical equipment, make the mold faded furnishings wood…

How to use the functions of the device

The air purifier kills mold and bacteria standards potentially clean the air filter in a certain time for each type of bacteria viruses between 4h – 6h; you need to turn on your computer during this time to ensure clean air quality and health.

How to clean the machine when using

The air purifiers on the market are usually easy disassembly structure so users can fully filter periodically hygiene preferably 1 month or sooner if the environment is placed at an air box infected best to preserve the life of the filter and air filter quality of the machine.

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Health risks of wood dust

In the market, there are many beautiful products from the wood, they were created by the skillful hands woodcutter but when they made them, they did not know that wood dust often drops on their eyes or throat and becomes a risk of health issues from the wood pieces during the processing products. When we expose to the wood dust that causing of many common symptoms such as itching, dermatitis, and affect the respiratory system leading to cancer. Touching the plastic timber would be the cause of dermatitis and the allergic reactions.220px-Saw_dust_(Zaagsel)

For some workers or people, the surface of the skin and respiratory system are sensitive to the wood dust then they will suffer some allergies like asthma when contracting with the wood dust (a low level) this disease will be back.

Almost types of wood dust are causing the symptoms of the eyes, nasal congestion, coughing and headache diseases .The type of hard dust as oak, mahogany, chestnut, walnut, cause all kind of cancers for the human who sniff them. This dust is real the main cause of cancer if workers expose it in the high dust concentration. The US government organization about the Industrial Hygiene (ACGIH) has determined: ” WOOD DUST  IS  CAUSING of CANCER “and the rules require limited concentration in the working place of the workers about 1miligram / m3 air for hard dust and 5miligram / m3 for soft dust, so, do not be subjective with the small wood dust , it can end your life. Let’s keep some tips to stay away and calm down to treat them to beware the dangerous complications later.

412085– Mechanizing and automating the processing of dust production reduce the exposing dust of the workers.

– Changing the technological methods (eg; cleaning the wood surface by water instead of cleaning by spraying sand).

– Using the medical masks for the workers during they expose with the wood dust. Another solution is using the dust collector.

Dust Collector is a system used to improve the air quality in the factories from the industry and trade process by the collecting dust and other impurities in the air or gas. It was designed to handle a large of dust and the dust filtration system consists of a blower, dust filter, filter cleaning system, and a system for removing the dust. It is distinguished from the air clean which uses the disposable filters to remove dust. This system has many advantages compared to other types. The central system can save the space, energy and the high dust filtering capability and more professional, even though, this system often spends a lot of money. It is considered the best dust collector of the businesses and investors with the desirability of its products to achieve the best quality, the making faster and more effective for production. Especially, the human health and employees are safe in that environment and it also contributes improving the cleaning air around there.


Nose Care Tips

Our nose plays an important role in our life, it can not only an indispensable part of the respiratory system, helps us breathe to maintain our life but also contribute a crucial effect in ensuring the balance of our face. Keeping our nose healthy is also a way to stay healthy and have a better life. Therefore, it is necessary for us to protect as well as take care of our nose carefully. The following information is what we should do to care our noses.24

Face mask

When you go on a dusty street or stay at a place which is full of smoke, you should cover your nose by a face mask. The dust and smoke can not only make your nose dirty but also contain harmful elements which will enter your nose to your lungs then cause unhopeful diseases. Therefore, it is better if you always bring a face mask with you.

Regular hygiene

Every day, besides washing your face, you need also clean your nose carefully because the egesta and dust can remain on the nose hair and restrict the operation of the nose. You can use the cotton pad and physiological saline to clean.

Proper nose hair trim

k2-_e071fdb7-7fb3-4bb5-8a42-8c573c8ac86f.v1Most people advise that you should not trim or cut the nose hair because this may have negative influence on your nose as well as the respiratory process. However, if you have the best nose hair trimmer and know how to carry out properly, you can cut and trim the thick or too long nose hair to ensure that your nose looks aesthetic.

No smoking

You may know clearly that smoking can harm to our lungs, cause lung cancer and other terrible diseases about respiration. However, you may surely be surprised when hearing that smoking can damage your nose. Indeed, your nose can be irritated and the lining of the nasal passages can be damaged if you contact with a cigar, pipes, and other forms of smoking. Therefore, if you stop smoking as well as avoiding contacting with those factors, you can help to prevent your nose from unexpected issues such as irritation, dryness as well as allergen triggers.

Proper treatments

When you nose get some symptoms such as having a runny nose, having a stuffy nose, turning to red color, breathing difficulty, you should release that your nose needs to be cured immediately to avoid more serious problems.  You can buy nasal sprays from the drug store and spray into your nose. However, you should remember to follow the instruction of the doctor, do not misuse this type of medicine if you do not want to get the negative results. In addition, when your nose is ill, the cavity to fight against bacteria and harmful factors can be reduced, you need to keep the nose clean by using nose wash or warm physiological saline Moreover, you can feel very uncomfortable when having a stuffy nose and this issue can be solved effectively by using the essential oils for nose. You certainly breathe easily and feel more comfortable.