Vitamins Our Body Often Lacks

Vitamins our body often lacks

Vitamins are very important for our bodies. They provide nutrients to help our bone and muscle develop better and more strongly. If you do not supplement the nutrients and vitamins fully, you may get health problems and diseases easily that can affect your body development. Here are some mistakes of vitamin shortage which people may often make.

Vitamin B1

The first thing is the lack of vitamin B or vitamin B1. The people who get this disease will lose their weight, which makes their body’s parts act weakly and be vulnerable easily. The highest risk can be in the brain and the heart. To avoid this risk, you need to supplement them by using vitamin B1 in medicine. You should also keep yourself away from alcohol or beer because they will make it hard to absorb this vitamin. Continue reading “Vitamins Our Body Often Lacks”

How To Keep Nose From Dryness, Pain In Cold Season


In the winter, the cold and dry weather has a significant impact on the very thin and vulnerable mucosa of the nose, it causes dry nose, stuffy nose, sore nose, or even a bloody nose. This is a serious concern for many people, especially for patients with sinusitis. The ordinary people who encounter this situation will be very susceptible to rhinitis, sinusitis. Therefore, the precautions are necessary and important action.KEEP NOSE FROM DRYNESS, PAIN IN COLD SEASON

Avoid external stimulation

The external environmental factors such as temperature, dust, harmful gases cause nose hurt and appear rhinitis and sinusitis. Therefore, you need to take measures to prevent and limit exposure to these agents by wearing a mask, keep warm for the nose with a tissue when you go out in cold weather. You should remember to keep your nose warm at 32 degrees C, this is the most suitable temperature for the nasal mucosa to avoid injury.KEEP NOSE FROM DRYNESS, PAIN IN COLD SEASON

Do not pick your nose

KEEP NOSE FROM DRYNESS, PAIN IN COLD SEASONPicking your nose is a bad habit which not only affects the aesthetic but also harm to health but still exists in many people. Anywhere, any time, many people still have the habit of putting their hand on their nose and pick unsightly. Moreover, this action can make the nasal hair drop, hurt mucosa of the nose, broke blood vessels and cause bleeding. When snoring nose, you also lead the way for bacteria to enter easily in your nose and cause sinusitis, colds and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, you absolutely should not maintain this bad habit. Along with that, children are also the objects who often have this action, you should also stop them to prevent diseases  

Improve circulation in the nose

Improving circulation in the nose plays an important role in preventing diseases such as nasal rhinitis, sinus, respiratory diseases, helping improve nasal blood circulation, improving resistance to colds as well as the risk of colds. You can prevent these diseases by washing your face with cold water, massage nose, exercise,  have proper diet and rest.nasal rhinitis

Do not cut off your nose hairs

Trimming nose hair is the habit of many people because they think that nose hairs are not aesthetic. Nevertheless, do you know, the nose hairs also play an important role in preventing external agents such as dust inside the nostrils? Thus they have a role as an important barrier and you should not trim off the nose hairs.KEEP NOSE FROM DRYNESS, PAIN IN COLD SEASON

Blow your nose properly

Blow your nose properlyWhen you get rhinitis, colds…your nose often be runny and stuffy, this makes you feel uncomfortable and annoying. At such times, blowing nose is the best way for you to not be uncomfortable and more pleasant. However, you should not blow your nose too hard or squeeze the nose much which will adversely affect the function of the nose, cause nasal dryness. You should gently blow your nose, conduct respectively for each nose tube, firstly blow on one side, then continue blowing the other side.

Pay attention to nasal hygiene wash (especially with children)

nasal hygiene washCleanly nasal hygiene is an essential and most important thing that helps you avoid the impact of external factors causing nasal disease. Thus, after exposure to the causative agent affects for the nose, such as smog, toxic air, chemicals for plant protection, animal and poultry farms …you should clean your nose and face immediately. Besides, the daily nasal hygiene is also an essential task for you to do.

When doing nasal hygiene, you do not just use towels to wash the outside but also wash the inside. Remember to gently wash the nasal holes because they are the place that the bacteria often concentrate. Proper hygiene can not only help remove dirt but also not make the nose injury.

Gout Disease

Gout disease

Gout is a joint disease by disorders of purine metabolism in humans, which is derived from the destruction of the acid of the cell or reduces uric acid in the urine that increases uric acid in the blood. In normal individuals, blood uric acid level is from 3 to 5mg%. High blood uric acid level when the level is 7 mg%.

However, not every high blood uric acid is gout. If only high blood uric acid alone, only knows as hyperuricemia condition asymptomatic. Patients should be monitored for regular health, limit sugar in the daily diet, limit alcohol, reducing weight if overweight and strengthening exercise to prevent overweight.Gout disease

When hyperuricemia condition causes negative consequences for the body, it is called gout. Immediate consequences of the disease cause the session level gout arthritis. However, at an early stage, the inflammation stage usually does not last long, it is irregular and very easy to cure. If the disease is not treated properly and fully, arthritis episodes will appear more often, longer, harder and long-term consequences of the disease such as lumps around joints, stiffness, deformity, disability, urinary system stones, impaired renal function, this is the main reasons reduce the lifespan of the patient.

Gout is a joint disease by metabolic disorders, so gout patients are often overweight and suffering from one or more of atherosclerotic disease like- arteries, lipid metabolism disorders, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, etc. In other words, a patient with the aforementioned disease is very vulnerable gout.Gout disease

With the current understanding of gout, with the media and existing medicines. Gout is considered easy to diagnose disease, and possible treatment can achieve good results.

This is the causes of increasing uric acid:

A disease associated with genetic factors and the location, these patients have the endogenous purine synthesis. This is also the main cause of the disease.

Uric acid in the blood may increase by the following reasons:

– Due to consumption of foods containing purines (liver, heart, meat, fish, mushrooms, shrimp, crab), drinking alcohol and beer.Gout disease

– Due to the body enhances endogenous purine degradation (destroy many organizations) related to hematological diseases such as polycythemia, leukemia marrow, Hodgkin, sarcoma lymphoma, multiple myeloma, or by using drugs to treat malignant diseases.

– Due to decreased excretion of uric acid by the kidneys: chronic nephritis, kidney failure makes the process reduced uric acid excretion and retention disease.

The role of uric acid in arthritis

In gout disease, urate crystals are deposited in monoscopic synovium and they will cause a series of reactions:

– The activity of Hageman factor spot thereby stimulating the inflammatory substances and kallikrein gene Kininogen become kallikrein-kinin and cause inflammation in the synovial membrane.

– The inflammatory reaction, leukocytes will focus next phagocytic leukocytes of urate crystals of the enzyme and the liberation of leukocytes (lysozyme). These enzymes are also a very strong inflammatory agent.

– Inflammation of the synovium will increase metabolism, born much lactic acid in place and lower the pH, urate deposition and inflammation in it is a continuous closed loop, inflammation lasts. Therefore, the fact that the two kinds of gout disease: Fitness acute gout, inflammatory processes go on in a short time and then terminated, or recurred. The chronic gout is deposition process and prolonged, acute manifestation will continue to develop without pause.Gout disease

Obesity Can Causes Amnesia

Obesity can causes amnesia

Overweight or obesity has been considered as a factor involved in  cardiological problems and glycosuria for ages. However, the recent research of Cambridge University (England) published on Express newspaper (England) showed that it has negative effects on people’s memories  Obesity

According to the research, those who have high body mass index (BMI) often are of bad temporary memories. It means that these people frequently forget events or things soon after they occur.

The memories of 50 people who are at the ages of  18 -35 were analyzed by the researchers in the study mentioned above. In general, those who have BMI from 18 to 25 are considered to have normal weight, while  people with BMI from 25 to 30 are overweight. Obesity appears with people with BMI of over 30.Obesity can causes amnesia

This group was offered to participate in a treasure-hunt game on computers: they were first instructed to hide some things, then they had to recall where and when they did it. The results showed that the ability to recollect the time and places that the things were concealed of those who have higher BMI is worse than ones with lower BMI.

The researchers believed the structure and functions of one’s brain can be changed or affected by obesity. This is similar to the perspective of some other researchers in which obesity is considered to be related to the decrease of brain’s operating competence at some brain’s sections which affect memories, emotions and ability to making decisions and resolving problems.Obesity can causes amnesia


Vegetables And Fruits For Reducing Back Pain

Back pain is one of the popular problems that people often deal with, and this type of pain has lots of influence on our life. We get pain on our back because of wrong and improper postures while we stand, sit or bend. This pain is not too serious and dangerous, but it makes us move our back with difficulty, then reduce the quality of living. Normally, when coping with back soreness, we can apply essential oils, massage and take medicines. However, to treat this problem more quickly and efficiently, we can also provide some of the following vegetables and fruits to our daily meals.

Leafy dark green vegetables


Lack of magnesium in your backbones can lead to soreness in your back. Therefore, it is necessary to complement this substance as soon as possible. Fortunately, this substance can be found in the leafy dark green vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower.

Kales, arugula, collard, okra beet


These vegetables are rich in calcium which is known as the indispensable element of our bones. When our back does not have enough calcium, it becomes weaker and easy to get pain. Hence, these vegetables are very beneficial for a problem related to the sore back.

Orange vegetables


Pumpkin, carrot, tomato, potato, papaya, orange, bell pepper contain a large amount of vitamin A, and this type of vitamin is known as a powerful antioxidant to repair the formation and tissue of our neck bones as well as get rid of soreness in the neck.

Orange, grapefruit lemon


Collagen in our body plays an important role in making our neck strong and healthy as well as healing the issues related to trauma and injuries by forming new tissue for the neck. This substance can develop quickly by the support of vitamin C, which is often found in orange, grapefruit lemon. You can eat or drink juice from these fruits every day to get the best result.



Pineapple is known as a miraculous fruit which helps to improve people’s back pain because it has a lot of anti-inflammatory enzymes. Inflammation is one of the causes of back pain, and it can be get rid of if you eat pineapple everyday. Don’t forget to buy the fresh ones from reliable stores or markets.



Phytonutrient antioxidants can assist our body to control inflammation as well as increase the ability of the immune systems, then help reduce pain in the back. This type of substance can be found in berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, acai berries, and blackberries. Therefore, you should add these fruits to your meals every day to have the healthy back.

Besides eating a plenty of beneficial vegetables and fruits to reduce back pain, you need also build a reasonable resting and sleeping habit to hasten this process. You should sleep at least 8 hours per day on the best mattress for back pain and avoid the awkward postures. Also, carrying out some simple and gentle exercise for your back before going to bed and after waking up can also remove your pain significantly. Let keep these point into consideration and follow seriously then you will see the positive results after several days.