Surprising health benefits to drink coffee in the morning


Many people think that drink coffee is not good for health; however, if you drink a bare amount of coffee in the morning and combine with doing exercises, it is sure that you will get surprising benefits of coffee.

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But in this article, we will tell about surprising health benefits of drinking coffee every morning.

Relieve pain

A recent study which has been done by Illinois University shows that drinking from 2 to 3 cups of coffee in 1 hour before doing exercises may help to relieve pain, especially muscle pain.

Scientists believe that caffeine in coffee will contribute to reinforce strength and resistance of muscle.

Reinforce process of blood circulation


A study about coffee benefits to the blood circulating process was done with people who don’t usually use coffee in Japan.

At that time, everyone was tested must drink nearly 30 milliliter of coffee, then scientists carried to determine the blood circulating process to the fingers.

The result showed that the blood circulating process of people drinking coffee frequently increases about 30% than the rest of people who rarely drink coffee in 75 minutes.

The better blood circulating process is, the more oxygen amount is transported.

Improve memory


John Hopskin University carried out an experiment and showed that caffeine in coffee may improve memory in at least 24 hours after drinking coffee.

People may feel more conscious and concentrative to work all day when drinking coffee in the morning. Remember to not drink it in late time, at night or when you feel so stressful.

Increase absorbability of energy for muscle

Another study on the journal of applied physiology indicated that a small amount of caffeine is very useful for people who always take exercises hardly, especially athletes.

People usually adding caffeine increase 66% of glycogen in muscle which is the main essential energy to help to maintain practicing time.

Furthermore, coffee also supports to compensate for declining of muscle for ages. Drinking a sufficient amount of coffee everyday will help to protect our body from the harm of ages.

Improve beauty of skin and hair

For women, drinking too much coffee causes certain effects on skin and hair; however, a small amount of coffee everyday may have positive effects on making beauty.

Pulp of coffee can be used to cover on skin to make it more brighter and smoother. In addition, coffee helps to hair’s growth by spraying a solution of cold brewed coffee on your hair, then wash it with water after a long time.

You can see surprising change when applying this way. If you like to have a strong black hair, coffee is the best choice for you.

Using a coffee solution to brew your hair in a long time, you will get a result as you expect.

For many health benefits of coffee, you should consider to use it in appropriate way everyday to raise positive advantages and reduce negative disadvantages.

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