Shopping Experience In Thailand

(#wanderlus tips) The land of smiles-Thailand is not only famous for its beautiful natural scenery, sparkling palaces, delicious street foods… but also is known as a shopping paradise with low price. Although almost the markets and commercial center are in all cities in Thailand, the most favorite destination is probably Bangkok.

Shopping experience in Thailand

When wandering in Bangkok, you will be easily tempted by the long line of colorful stores along the road from crowded markets to luxury commercial center. It can be said that there are not any items missing here, from high-end brands to affordable ones, so even if you do not have a lot of money in your wallet, you are still confident to buy lovely products that you like.

Travel time for shopping

In Thailand, there is two biggest sale season in a year. The first season takes place from June to August, the remaining season happens at the end of the year to welcome a new year. Specially, the tourism industry of Thailand has had many policies to stimulate the need for shopping and tourism in recent years by launching big discount programs up to 80% which is applied to more than 15.000 commercial centers spreading 7 major tourist cities: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hat Yai, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Ko Samui  

Shopping experience in Thailand

Shopping believers usually take advantage of this occasion to hunt for cheap airfares to Thailand for shopping. The main aim is the brands in the major commercial centers. However, this is not a reason that makes purchasing power of affordable stores cool down. The shop owners also offer numerous discount programs to attract visitors.  The advice to you is that although the price is very cheap, you also need to consider the quality of products carefully before making a decision to buy it.

Shopping at the commercial centers

The commercial centers with high quality and high-end brands are usually divided into many areas with different items for the customer to easily choose. Before going into these centers, you can get a map available to save the time to look for needed department.

Shopping experience in ThailandSupermarket and commercial centers are also divided into popular brands and luxury ones. Siam Paragon which is considered the main shopping area and full convergence of world leading brands like Escada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, etc  is a destination for wealthy visitors. A further destination for those who are shopping believers is Central World department. Besides, famous stores such as Marks and Spencer, CK, Zara, Next, Miss 60, Guess, MNG, Axara… visitors can explore the vast Central World maze with a chain of restaurants and numerous exciting entertainments. In addition, The Emporium is a prominent spot for shopping, Sukhumvit- a shopping complex exhibits a lot of fashion brand like Guess, Chaps, Esprit,…

If you want to buy items at affordable prices, you should drop into MBK or Platinum center. MBK center has sold full of items from clothes, jewelry, household items, furniture, electronic devices and even lovely decoration for a reasonable price. Platinum is a new shopping center of Thailand in recent time. It has brought much new fashion trend and attractive discount when buying in bulk. The feature of Platinum is to have departments which let you combine many different items together in order to discount. Besides, the big supermarkets which tourists love a lot are Lotus Texaco, Center, Robinson, Big C…

If you are looking for these items of computer components or electronic device with the good prices, you won’t surely miss Pantip Plaza.

Note: Commercial centers and supermarkets in Thailand open 10 am or 10.30 am(a few may open from 9.30), so do not go early if you do not want to wait.

Shopping at the markets

The markets are great cheap shopping. Each market has its outstanding features as well as distinct items.

Chatuchak market– the biggest weekend market in the world has always been a destination that cannot miss when traveling to Bangkok. Due to a weekend market, it only starts opening from 8am to 6pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (wholesale happens on Friday). The market has sold nearly all of the items from fashion, agricultural products, forest products to craft items and electronic devices…

Shopping experience in Thailand

Suan Lum Night Bazaar market is a truly shopping paradise with very cheap prices. It opens about 6.30 pm to midnight every day. Probably, any visitors coming to the market have to both walk and find the way by the map. Because of its vastness, you won’t be able to discover every corner in just one night. The clothes, footwear, bottles, dishes, pillows, mattress wardrobes… are sold here.

Chinatown and Pahurat market are the destination for those who are looking for automobiles and motorcycles components. However, the special feature of the market is to open weekdays and even weekends.

Khao San Road is a road which sells a lot of handicraft products, silver products, but if you want to have cheap prices, you will have to buy supplies wholesale. If you buy retail, it even is more expensive than purchasing in Vietnam.

Almost stores never charge high prices. Especially, Thais are very friendly so feel free to look at the product without buying it. Therefore, it is said that the shopping paradise in Thailand attracts visitors by not only a variety of products but also great service and friendliness.

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