How To Process Aloe Into A Valuable Medicine

Maybe you know that Aloe is considered as not only a valuable medicine but also a tip to improve beauty for women. However, not many people know how to process this material in family. Let take a look at the following writing to learn how to process it.

How To Process Aloe Into A Valuable Medicine

How to process Aloe without having bitterness

It seems to be very simple, but many women get troubles when cooking aloe with sugar candy is bitter, even itchy. So, what should we do in this case?

  • Firstly, you cut aloe into plenty of small pieces and sharpen all green cover outside. The rest is cut into tiny cubes and soak them in a mixture of weak salt and lemon juice.

How To Process Aloe Into A Valuable Medicine

  • Secondly, you clean each piece of aloe under water, and let it dry in some minutes. Afterward, you can boil them in a minute, then fish them out and put in an ice bowl immediately to make them crispy, white without bitter.
  • Finally, you put all aloe which is processed in a bottle, and keep it in a fridge. You can also use it directly or combine with other materials to make ice-cream or yoghurt as sore throat relief. So, it depends on your hobby.

How can we combine aloe with other materials to make healthy dishes for family? The writing will introduce 2 simple dishes in summer with aloe which are very attractive for all people.

How to make aloe yoghurt for sunny summer.

Step 1: Firstly, you pour sweetened condensed milk into a big bowl, then add fresh milk and stir the mixture steadily.

Step 2: Next, you open a bottle of yoghurt and mix it to the first mixture. In this step, you can put aloe which is processed in the mixture together.

How To Process Aloe Into A Valuable Medicine

Step 3: The next step is to pour all mixture into a pot which has deep bottom and put on the lid.

Step 4: Finally, you boil water in about 70 degree Celsius and add to the pot. You should notice to not add lots of water because this makes the mixture become weaker. This step lasts in about 5 – 7 hours depending on temperature of the mixture. Afterward, you can divide the mixture into many small glasses and keep them in the fridge. Hope you enjoy this wonderful dish!

How to cook sweet aloe soup

Firstly, you need to prepare materials for the sweet soup including a bowl of aloe which is processed like in part 1. Green bean is 100 grams and sugar about 50 grams. Besides, you should have water to cook the soup.

Secondly, you wash green bean and soak in hot water about 30 minutes to make it softer, along with this, you should eliminate bad bean and then keep it out of water in some minutes.

How To Process Aloe Into A Valuable Medicine

Next, put all green bean in a pot and cook until it is completely soft. Continuously, you put aloe and stir the mixture about 5 minutes before shutting the cooker. So now, enjoy the dish either hot or cold basing on your taste. I hope you feel interesting with the writing.

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