The Shopping Capitals You Cannot Miss On The Winter Sales

For oversea students, the Christmas and New Year holiday is the important time to go traveling and hunt the cheap goods. Simply the reason is that it is the time when the European shopping capitals hang simultaneously the “SALE” signs.


The Shopping Capitals You Cannot Miss On The Winter SalesThe sale reasons often start in the middle of September and last to about the middle of January in the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, the “numerous” discount programs will take place after the New Year, at the same time with almost other capitals in Euro.

The extremely bustling shopping streets in Euro are Oxford Street with a lot of trade centers for you to go freely. Nevertheless, you just should go to the friendly shops such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis or Topshop to make sure you will not get the excessive deficit although there are discounts here.


According to the rules, in Italy, the sale reasons begin from the first week of January and last about 6 weeks. Certainly, the shopping capital of Italy is Milan, which owns the shopping streets you cannot miss such as Via Montenapoleone with a lot of the monumental shops of the famous brands like Milan Prada, Armani, Hugo Boss and Gucci.

The Shopping Capitals You Cannot Miss On The Winter Sales

Besides, on the streets such as Via Alessandro Manzoni and Corso Venezia, the price is much more reasonable than the others.

For those who are in Rome in the beginning of January, you cannot forget the popular shops on Via Del Corso, Via Barberinini, Via Del Tritone, and Via Nazionale streets. If you have a chance to go to Turin, remember to go shopping first. The number of shops here may not be much less than one in Rome, but the price is more reasonable. Hope to see you in Via Roma, and Via Garibaldi streets and the shopping centers in Le Gru and Via Crea!


In Germany, the winter sales – Winterschlussverkauf often start on the last Monday of January. However, because the in-year sale activities are not banned by the Government in this country like the neighboring ones, from the end of the winter holiday to the end of January, all the shops start their discount programs. Therefore, if you keep waiting for the official sale season to start purchasing, there are no things left for you!

The Shopping Capitals You Cannot Miss On The Winter Sales

In Berlin, you can visit Schonhauser Allee Arcaden at Prenzlauer Berg, which owns the countless attractive fashion shops such as Accessorize, Bonita, Esprit, and H & M, etc. If you want more seriousness, you can go to Kurfurstendamm.


Like Milan in Italy, Barcelona in Spain is known as the shopping capital of many ebullient sale activities, happening from the first weekend of the New Year. Coming here, you can buy as you wish all the goods of the Spanish brands (Zara, Mango, Desigual, Custo) with the much more reasonable price than the other countries.

At the places such as El Born, especially Roca Village, you can see many shops of the local fashion brands which are known little except Spain.


In France, the sale seasons often begin on 10th January and last until the middle of February. Sometimes, you can see the goods which can discount up to 40% – 50%. Undoubtedly, the main fashion street of Paris is Rivoli, where you can see all the brands such as H & M, Promod, Mango, Zara, Pimkie, Etam, etc.

The Shopping Capitals You Cannot Miss On The Winter Sales

Champs Elysees streets, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shops systems are also the places you cannot forget, although you just go sightseeing. Those who have cars can visit La Vallée Village. In the middle of January, this place can be seen as the discount capital.


The sale seasons in Prague often start from the opening time of the Noel market, meaning from the middle of December to the end of January. Those who are keen on the street fashion brands do not forget to take a look at the shops which are located in the four corners of Wenceslas Square.

Moreover, there is also Fashion Arena Outlet Centre, where you can buy the goods which discount up to 30% – 70% and there are many other shops on Pricop street, too.


In Helsinki, the sale seasons often begin on the Christmas and finish in the middle of January. Of course, this is the place where you can “hunt” as you wish the famous but reasonable-priced brands such as Funky Lady, Vero Moda, Seppala. At the shopping center Stockmann, Itakeskus in the suburb, you can also find the satisfied goods with the wonderful price.

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