Sinus infection and solutions


Sinus is a very popular breathing disease and is increasing nowaday, which is caused by virus, bacterial infection or other pathologies such as allergic or getting a cold. By many ways, people can apply to cure this disease like having a surgery or using aspirin; however, having a surgery is usually done when the disease is quite serious and leaves some consequences, especially sinus infection. To deal with the infection, the patients may use medicine following the doctors’ advices or refer to using some essential oils for sinus infection. Belows are some solutions when getting sinus infection:

  • Taking a long rest: This helps the body not only to focus and reproduce energy against the disease and infection, but also to increase the opportunity of recovery.
  • Drinking a lot of water: This makes solution weaker and easier to thrust it out. However, the patients have to avoid using caffein and alcohol drinks because they cause bed effects.
  • Steaming with many types of peppermint oils…: You can cover a small towel which has contained oils on your face or lower your head in a hot peppermint oil bowl and sniff deeply. You will feel more comfortable after steaming.
  • Washing nose: Cleaning your nose regularly with NaCl after getting in touch with dust, fumes and chemical. Besides, you should wear a face mask when contacting with dust, fumes and chemical of going out. You should avoid working with the allergen such as pollen. If you are smoking, please stop if you don’t want the symptoms to happen regularly.
  • Improving life’s habit: Life’s habit is a great cause which brings out sinus. For example, you usually lie in wrong position that makes your nose difficult to breathe. Therefore, you should keep your head a little higher than your body in order to avoid stagnancy of slimy substance inside.
  • Keeping living environment clean and fresh everyday: Dirty furniture and house are the main agents causing sinus. Therefore, you have to clean and keep them as clear as possible. The places like bedroom and living room should be focused much more because those are the places you usually work in.
  • Having a good diet and practicing regulation: In daily meals, you should provide full of nutrition to raise your health. Some food like salmon, vitamin C, ginger, onion, and garlic are recommended to help to increase resistance well. Doing exercise frequently will improve your health and help to cure the disease in case of getting sinus. You should check your health periodly to detect the disease soon and to have timely solutions to treat.

As mentioning above, sinus is a dangerous disease which if it is not treated immediately, it may caused serious complication. To prevent sinus, people should understand causes and effects of this disease and have absolute solutions if necessary. The patients may refer to doctor’s ideas to avoid mistakes when using medicine. In the case of using medicine, you can also ask to use more essential oils so as to promote quickly recovery process.

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