7 Foods that Help You Lose Weight at Christmas

Overeating seems to be a difficult thing to avoid in holidays, especially at Christmas.  The weather is cold, and it’s perfect event for enjoying turkey or beef with your family. That the fantastic dishes and happy atmosphere  the more stimulates you to eat unstoppably. Therefore, seven following foods help you get in shape.


  1. Black bean

The reason making black bean help lose weight is that it contains albumin, vitamin PP, A, B, C, protein, glucid, lipid and mineral salt. Thanks to those important components, black bean is not only simply a drink in summer but also a useful virtual being used to get thinner at winter.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is loaded with 20 kinds of acid amine and 16 kinds of organic acid. Thus, it reduces blood cholesterol, lipid and enhances metabolism between sugar and protein. As a result, thanks to vinegar, we can take off weight effectively.

You should it as a condiment. Do not drink vinegar because it affects badly to our heath.

  1. Lemons

Drink lemon water always is highly recommended to approach weight loss. Lemons contain a lot of  vitamin C, which affects to the process of  burning lipid and calories. Both of them gain results. Additionally, lemons are loaded with acid citric, which controls the amount of sugar in blood, so prevents us from wanting to eat.

  1. Eggs

An international research showed that, a person using two eggs every morning loses weight faster than a person not using.

Egg is an ailment which contains a lot of protein. Therefore, it prevents you from demand of eating, so the amount of food you need per day will be reduced. It means that each day energy you consume will decrease, and weight can be taken off.

  1. Green tea

Nowadays, people uses green tea instead of coffee or soda, which is full of energy. Caffeine in green tea helps us control demand for food and work as a traditional medicine, which is useful for excretion. Coffee  also contains caffeine, but cortisol and  insulin in coffee destroy its ability in weight loss. A lot of useful available nutrients are good for your health. After a meal, drink a cup of green tea, your weight at Christmas will be stable.


  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is popular in traditional medicines. It is used for curing diarrhea or cold. In addition, hydroxy cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon can control cholesterol; a substance led to obesity.

Moreover, cinnamon prevents the growth of insulin and enhances metabolism. As a result, using it help us reduce belly fat.

  1. Tofu

Do you know that vegetarian lose weight more easily and faster than who is not. The reason is that they replace protein they consume in meat or fish by protein in tofu. However, tofu indirectly helps you lose weight. It only contains less energy than other products. Therefore, dishes made of tofu are highly recommended to take off weight, especially when you dislike holiday food.


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