Some amazing activities are good for your health

It’s undoubted that health plays a pivotal role these days. It’s advised that people should do lots of exercises regularly to improve their health in the rest of their lives. Such typically individual outdoor and indoor activities as golf swimming running or even archery are incredibly exciting and surprising. Now I’ll introduce you these activities to help you make a try on playing any of them. Let’s enjoy!

  1. Golf

The first one is golf- a game for the royal class which now draws player’s considerable attention and is becoming a very popular sport on over the world. This activity doesn’t require you a lot of physical strength, but it’s crucial for you to be skilled and endurant. If you can pursue the sport, you can get a high number of its benefits, for instance, improving muscle stone and endurance keeping fit losing weight and so on. Another vital one is that you may be able to avoid heart diseases with golf.

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  1. Swimming

Swimming is another popular and healthy activity in summer that supports swimmers to be stronger. It’s challenging since it demands people to have a high physical and mental strength. It’s clear for you to know that a dominant benefit of swimming is to boost your height. It also keeps the heart rate up and improves the endurance. If you go swimming regularly, you’ll not only gain muscular strength but maintain a healthy weight as well because you use most of your muscles during swimming.

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  1. Running

Running may be the easiest and most common activity for anyone worldwide. You can run wherever and whenever you want as long as it is good for your health. For women, running can help them to reduce the risk of breast cancer as well as having a stroke. Plus, running promotes to improve your immune system. Not enough, it also helps to lower your risk of developing blood clots. Besides, you can protect yourself from heart attack accompanied with blood pressure early stages of diabetes or osteoporosis if you run everyday. Moreover, you are able to relieve your daily stress and depression in order to make you much more comfortable and healthy.

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  1. Archery

A sport which is getting more and more attractive to people is archery for its convenience and remarkable benefits. This game is not demanding if you try to practise a lot per day. To play it, you cannot miss a major thing that is a good recurve bow. With this item, you are able to enjoy the game much more excitingly.  Archery helps you to boost physical as well as mental health and fitness. What’s more? It is a crucial tool to improve patience and self-confidence.

To sum up, don’t wait to start anymore! Such activities are full of entertainment and wonderful benefits for your health. These above are just several examples for you to put them into your consideration. They are all likely to be a piece of cake for you to play. What a peaceful and happy life you have if you join any healthy activities. Let’s enjoy them!

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Some Christmas healthy tips for you!

Christmas is a very special day for you to relax after work or study, to gather with friends, relatives, or to show affection to our loved people. Therefore, to have an unforgettable day, you should prepare not only about clothes, gifts but also about health. There are some tips for you to protect your health effectively!

Doing exercise

When you are out of normal working, studying, or living routine, we can be indulged yourselves in parties, foods, drinks of Christmas day, so keeping fit with all the Christmas partying and excess food is a must to stay healthy. Doing exercise can protect you from illness, keep you in shape, bring you energy. It means that you will be always confident and energetic for a wonderful day.


Moderation in eating and drinkingFat-Santa

On Christmas day, there are many kinds of food which attracts you. You can eat much food which is fatting and full of sugar such as cakes, sweets. It is not really good for your health, so you should eat it in moderation. Instead, you can eat some healthy foods such as nuts, oranges, fruits, vegetables or turkeys… They are also suitable for Christmas day. No one wants to spoil this day, so besides enjoy these attractive foods, you should know how to balance between them and make it safe.

Having positive thinking

In this awesome day, you should forget all the bad things around your head, just think about what makes you happy such as eating with your family, going out with your friends. It will keep you in happiness. Some studies have shown that people with good thinking are less likely to suffer from depression than the negative thinkers. Therefore, taking care of your thoughts is taking care of your health. What you think on Christmas day will decide what happens to you on this day, so why do not you smile and give your boyfriend a gift?

Having enough sleep

You should sleep at least 7 hours in a day to be sure that you will have a good health. Some experts have found that a link between insufficient sleep and some serious health problem such as heart disease, diabetes. Thus, to have good health on Christmas day, you should rest enough to provide your health with power, to have the best spirit in this day. I guess that in Christmas, you will go to bed lately, so before this day, you remember to have good sleep to keep your energy on Christmas day.

Warmly dressed

Christmas day is in December, so the weather is pretty cold. It is easy for you to be ill, so you should wear warmly to protect your health from the sore throat, illness. You can choose for yourselves what you like to wear, but you do not forget to wear a sweater, muffler, span, or woolens hat.

That is all outstanding tips for you to protect your health on Christmas day. I hope you will follow these tips and have good health as well to make sure that you do not miss any wonderful moment in this day. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


How to choose the shoes to avoid getting pains when walking for women

We all know that when we are going for a walk or running, there are a lot of factors that can cause pains for our feet. Especially for the women, this will make their feet no longer beautiful to wear the other shoes such as the high heels or sandals. One of the common causes we may know is the shoes being used when running. However, they do not want to give up walking and running, what should they do to protect their feet?


Here in this post, there are some tips helping you to choose the best walking shoes for women in order to avoid the pains when running.

  1. The weight of the walking shoes

Before buying the shoes, you should first pay attention to the weight of them. If the shoes are too heavy, this will make your walking become more difficult. You should choose the shoes as light as possible because they will make your steps lighter and more flexible.

  1. The water resistance of the shoes

The high humidity is the shoes’ enemy and raises the friction between the shoes and the feet, which blisters it. Therefore, you should always keep your shoes dry and airy. The shoes made from the airy material will help the moisture go away from the shoes. Besides, they also have to prevent the water from outside to soak into the shoes. They can limit the production of the discomforting smell when you use them in the sunlight as well.

  1. The rigidity

The shoes must ensure their lateral rigidity to protect the feet and ankles when you walk on the unsmooth surfaces. They also must be hard enough not to bend when you press strongly on the toes or heel parts. Moreover, they also have to make sure the softness not to make the feet painful. The arch support needs to be fit your feet so that they will not be flat when you bring the heavy things. You should consider these things carefully to find yourself the best shoes to protect your nice feet.

  • Tips for trying the shoes on:
  • You do not buy the shoes if they are not fit your feet. The good shoes are the ones when you put your feet on, the feet will not touch the toe-cap’s inner side. If not, you will need the shoes which are wider at the toe-cap.
  • When you are walking, the heel of your feet and the shoes’ must move well together. You heel do not slip up or down the shoes’.
  • If the shoes are wider compared to your feet, the distance between it and the shoes will make you lose your power and scratch your feet.
  • You should go to buy the shoes in the afternoon to make sure you can buy the fit ones for your feet. If you cannot move your toes, it means that the shoes are too closed and you need the others wider. Do not use the closed shoes because they can cause the pains and change your feet’s shape.
  • You do remember to bring the socks you often use with the shoes to try the new shoes on. This can ensure the accuracy of the shoes’ size to your feet.

To sum up, to avoid getting the pains you may have when wearing the walking shoes is not too difficult. You just need to pay attention carefully when choosing yourself the appropriate shoes with the criteria we introduced. Hope you enjoy your walking!

Sinus infection and solutions


Sinus is a very popular breathing disease and is increasing nowaday, which is caused by virus, bacterial infection or other pathologies such as allergic or getting a cold. By many ways, people can apply to cure this disease like having a surgery or using aspirin; however, having a surgery is usually done when the disease is quite serious and leaves some consequences, especially sinus infection. To deal with the infection, the patients may use medicine following the doctors’ advices or refer to using some essential oils for sinus infection. Belows are some solutions when getting sinus infection:

  • Taking a long rest: This helps the body not only to focus and reproduce energy against the disease and infection, but also to increase the opportunity of recovery.
  • Drinking a lot of water: This makes solution weaker and easier to thrust it out. However, the patients have to avoid using caffein and alcohol drinks because they cause bed effects.
  • Steaming with many types of peppermint oils…: You can cover a small towel which has contained oils on your face or lower your head in a hot peppermint oil bowl and sniff deeply. You will feel more comfortable after steaming.
  • Washing nose: Cleaning your nose regularly with NaCl after getting in touch with dust, fumes and chemical. Besides, you should wear a face mask when contacting with dust, fumes and chemical of going out. You should avoid working with the allergen such as pollen. If you are smoking, please stop if you don’t want the symptoms to happen regularly.
  • Improving life’s habit: Life’s habit is a great cause which brings out sinus. For example, you usually lie in wrong position that makes your nose difficult to breathe. Therefore, you should keep your head a little higher than your body in order to avoid stagnancy of slimy substance inside.
  • Keeping living environment clean and fresh everyday: Dirty furniture and house are the main agents causing sinus. Therefore, you have to clean and keep them as clear as possible. The places like bedroom and living room should be focused much more because those are the places you usually work in.
  • Having a good diet and practicing regulation: In daily meals, you should provide full of nutrition to raise your health. Some food like salmon, vitamin C, ginger, onion, and garlic are recommended to help to increase resistance well. Doing exercise frequently will improve your health and help to cure the disease in case of getting sinus. You should check your health periodly to detect the disease soon and to have timely solutions to treat.

As mentioning above, sinus is a dangerous disease which if it is not treated immediately, it may caused serious complication. To prevent sinus, people should understand causes and effects of this disease and have absolute solutions if necessary. The patients may refer to doctor’s ideas to avoid mistakes when using medicine. In the case of using medicine, you can also ask to use more essential oils so as to promote quickly recovery process.

Top 10 vegetables rich in protein

You should eat more vegetables because vegetables provide nutrients content of protein – essential for the survival higher than meat and eggs.

For vegetarians, vegetables, soy, beans and legumes such as chickpeas, black beans, and dairy products are good sources of protein mainly.

Green vegetables also supply a variety of vitamins and minerals. The following diagram will indicate levels of protein in various green vegetables.

Cookware tips: Using the best ceramic cookware is very healthy for your health

Top 10 rich source of protein from vegetables

In spinach, its protein content is 49%, kale: 45%, broccoli: 45%, cauliflower 40%, mushroom: 38%, parsley: 34%, cucumbers: 24 %, peppers 22%, cabbage: 22%, tomatoes 18%.

Comparing the amount of protein in vegetables, we can see their content even higher than in meat and eggs. By proteins found in meat accounts for 25,8% of beef, 23% of chicken breast meat and 12% of eggs.

Thus can find vegetable helps to provide protein better than meat and eggs. This may cause you to reconsider your diet.


Water, vegetables, fruits and milk are good for strengthening the resistance, prevent disease

And we should “by heart” following rules:

1 apple 1 day = No doctor

Basil in meal = Not Cancer

1 lemon 1 day = No belly fat or overweight

1 cup milk 1 day = No problems Osteoarthritis

Drink 3 liters of water 1 day = No illnesses (for high-intensity exercise, for the average person should consume water intake is 2 liters per day

For those who are obese want to lose weight , you can combine Carb diet (limiting carbohydrates from starchy) with protein from vegetables in every meal to lose weight while still ensuring adequate nutrition for the body of the body.