The Uses Of Baking Soda, Do You Know?

baking soda

Many people made a question: what is Baking Soda? What are its uses? It seems to be a new product, and many people may not know it. This article will show you more information about the use of this product.

  • What is Baking Soda?

uses of Baking SodaBaking Soda or sodium bicarbonate, as called “salt drug”, is on the kitchens’ shelves of many families and used in baking and cleaning. Moreover, the Baking Soda which exists in the powder form can have the use of the thing to beauty the women. Continue reading “The Uses Of Baking Soda, Do You Know?”

How To Make A Pizza At Home In A Frying Pan?

Pizza is a typical food of Italy that is loved and complimented by many people in the world. The receipt of pizza is quite precious. You have to make the pizza base not too porous, soft as bread or too rough. The base must be crunchy and soft at the same time. Thus, this following article will give you a guideline to make a pizza in a pan as good as an Italian one. Continue reading “How To Make A Pizza At Home In A Frying Pan?”

Shopping Experience In Thailand

Shopping Experience In Thailand

(#wanderlus tips) The land of smiles-Thailand is not only famous for its beautiful natural scenery, sparkling palaces, delicious street foods… but also is known as a shopping paradise with low price. Although almost the markets and commercial center are in all cities in Thailand, the most favorite destination is probably Bangkok.

Shopping experience in Thailand

When wandering in Bangkok, you will be easily tempted by the long line of colorful stores along the road from crowded markets to luxury commercial center. It can be said that there are not any items missing here, from high-end brands to affordable ones, so even if you do not have a lot of money in your wallet, you are still confident to buy lovely products that you like. Continue reading “Shopping Experience In Thailand”

How To Make The Vanilla Ice-Cream Simply But Deliciously At Home

How To Make The Vanilla Ice-Cream Simply But Deliciously At Home

Vanilla is known as a kind of the essential flavor that is added to so many dishes. Normally, because vanilla is only used to create the aroma of food, it can be hard for you to identify the appearance of this ingredient in dishes when eating. However, you can feel precisely the smell and taste of vanilla in the vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is the flavor of the mellowness and sweetness as its gentle name.

Make The Vanilla Ice-Cream

Therefore, the vanilla-flavored ice cream often appears on the list of favorite ice creams of many people. When enjoying this kind of ice cream, the top of your tongue can immediately feel all flavors of vanilla. Due to the simple way to make it, you can do it yourself to make sure that vanilla ice-cream is not too sweet or too greasy. Let try doing as the instruction in the following recipe to have the flavorsome vanilla ice-cream. Continue reading “How To Make The Vanilla Ice-Cream Simply But Deliciously At Home”

Tips To Hunt For The Sale Goods In The United States

Tips To Hunt For The Sale Goods In The United States

The tourist coming to the United States at the end of the year will get a great chance to hunt for the branded goods in the biggest discount of the year.

Tips To Hunt For The Sale Goods In The United StatesIt will be about 2 weeks for the United States to enter the major holiday shopping season of the year. This event attracts not only American people but also any visitors when coming this country on this occasion. The season sale lasts from Thanksgiving on 28th November until the end of Christmas.  Therefore, it would be better for you to consult some following tips to get the sale goods at the cheapest price. Continue reading “Tips To Hunt For The Sale Goods In The United States”