Top 10 vegetables rich in protein

You should eat more vegetables because vegetables provide nutrients content of protein – essential for the survival higher than meat and eggs.

For vegetarians, vegetables, soy, beans and legumes such as chickpeas, black beans, and dairy products are good sources of protein mainly.

Green vegetables also supply a variety of vitamins and minerals. The following diagram will indicate levels of protein in various green vegetables.

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Top 10 rich source of protein from vegetables

In spinach, its protein content is 49%, kale: 45%, broccoli: 45%, cauliflower 40%, mushroom: 38%, parsley: 34%, cucumbers: 24 %, peppers 22%, cabbage: 22%, tomatoes 18%.

Comparing the amount of protein in vegetables, we can see their content even higher than in meat and eggs. By proteins found in meat accounts for 25,8% of beef, 23% of chicken breast meat and 12% of eggs.

Thus can find vegetable helps to provide protein better than meat and eggs. This may cause you to reconsider your diet.


Water, vegetables, fruits and milk are good for strengthening the resistance, prevent disease

And we should “by heart” following rules:

1 apple 1 day = No doctor

Basil in meal = Not Cancer

1 lemon 1 day = No belly fat or overweight

1 cup milk 1 day = No problems Osteoarthritis

Drink 3 liters of water 1 day = No illnesses (for high-intensity exercise, for the average person should consume water intake is 2 liters per day

For those who are obese want to lose weight , you can combine Carb diet (limiting carbohydrates from starchy) with protein from vegetables in every meal to lose weight while still ensuring adequate nutrition for the body of the body.

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